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Register Transcriptions.

Owen(s) entries in the parish registers of Milverton, Somerset

and surrounding parishes

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Transcription of Owen(s) entries in Parish registers


The filmed copies of the parish registers have been read and where necessary the original registers have been examined to establish what was written. The names and dates in the linked pages are transcribed (in strictest terms read edited) as written, early entries have variations of spelling of both Christian and surname. Dates are Julian calendar until 1752.


Early scripts used for writing the entries in the registers can be quite difficult to read not just because the quality of some of the handwriting is poor but a number of unusual characters are used which require interpretation. An excellent site which offers a free online course in reading early modern English handwriting 1500 - 1700 is available at  http://www.english.cam.ac.uk/ceres/ehoc/  The National Archives web site also offers a practical online tutorial at http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/palaeography/


This site concentrates on Owen entries, including Owens and variations: Oyne; Owing; Oing and Oen.

Similar surnames such as Bowen and Ewens appear to be separate families as their entries are occurring at the same time as Owen entries and yet the Vicar or Church Wardens are consistent in their spelling, these are not recorded here.



The information contained in the registers is published here with the kind permission of  Somerset Record Office

I would like to thank the staff of the Somerset Archive and Record Service for their invaluable help.

Anyone wishing to transcribe from parish records held at the office and to publish them in machine-readable form free of charge may do so provided:


1. The transcripts are circulated without profit to the transcriber and with a proviso that any subsequent copying is allowed only if free of profit. Anyone wishing to include a subsequent copy as part of a profit-making publication or distribution must apply to the Somerset Archive and Record Service for permission.

2. A statement to this effect is included with the posting.

3. A copy of the transcript is supplied (by Internet or disk) to the Somerset Archive and Record Service.

4. The transcriber agrees to the transcript being made available to users at the Record Office and to its re-use in Archive Service databases and distribution over the Internet or by other means. The transcriber makes no claim for copyright against any such use by the Somerset Archive and Record Service.

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