Documentary snapshots of Owen Families or Individuals


Researching family history requires working backwards through time and establishing links, otherwise you may end up doing a lot of work producing a ‘great tree’ all of which is totally irrelevant to your lineage.


Census and Civil Registration

Once living members of the family have have steered you back to hopefully before 1901 (in England and Wales) the place to look is the census. The times have gone where the only way to find people in the census was to visit a record office and plough through thousands of fiche. In my opinion the best online source for census information, although at times it can prove frustrating, is Ancestry.co.uk it may appear expensive but does provide a wealth of searchable data including the complete census collection, for England and Wales, from 1841 to 1901. All Census material is Crown copyright. Information found in the census can, hopefully, then be enhanced and validated by obtaining birth, marriage and death certificates found by searching the General Register Office (GRO) indexes. Civil Registration

I have a lot of information regarding census details for Owen families. Please contact me for more information.


Before 1837

To search further back, before 1837, records for baptisms, marriages and burials are held in  Parish Registers usually held at the County Record Office.


Additional material

In addition to discovering dates for individuals it may be possible to obtain an insight into their character and learn more about their day-to-day lives, some documents may provide a physical description. If they were involved in a dispute with authority, served their country or did something unusual evidence may still exist tucked away just waiting to be rediscovered. A wide range of documents are stored in archives all over the country, it is just a matter of finding what is out there.

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