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Up before the Beak


We may believe times have changed but that is not really the case. People make the same mistakes now as they did in the past. What has changed is our attitude to these indiscretions and the punishment if caught and found guilty. Below are a few examples which offer a window into the past.


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Letter from William Walrond to Sir John Portman at Orchard concerning the release of Thomas Owen of Milverton from his bond.

3 Jan 1609/10


Petition of the parishioners of Langford Budville against Henry Owen of Milverton, feltmaker.

Circa 1650

William Owen and the case of the Saw Pit Roller.

November 1818


Richard Owen of Milverton and his master's missing sheep.

10th May 1687


John Owen of Milverton, Innholder and Bayliff  of the Hundred of Milverton.

1672 and 1675