Quarter Sessions.

Thomas Owen of Milverton 1609


Q/SR/8 Quarter Sessions roll for 1609-10.

Folio 55 Dated 3 Jan 1609/10


Letter from William Walrond to Sir John Portman at Orchard concerning the release of Thomas Owen of Milverton from his bond; his child by Anne Floudde at Loxbeare, Devon having been buried at Rackenford 12th Oct 1609.


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Rackenford PR 1,2


Burial entry in the Rackenford Parish Register for Marie the daughter of Anne Floode.


What’s the bigger picture


From the parish record we learn that the child referred to was named Mary, we do not know how old she was but she was not an infant. Mary was probably born after 1601 when the Poor Law was introduced which would have given the church greater power to issue Thomas with a bond for the upkeep of the child. The letter states that Thomas comes from Milverton it is difficult to know if he was born there.


Can we find a candidate for Thomas? This is fraught with danger but if I choose the wrong man what can he do?


From the Milverton records we find Thomas Owen & Ellinor Daye were married on the 18th February 1594. If this is the same Thomas it would be a reason why he did not marry Ann Flood. There is no record of Thomas’s baptism at Milverton but, certainly, Ellinor and probably Thomas are buried at Milverton.

These events occurred 400 years ago there could be more information, as yet undiscovered, to help complete the story.



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